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Introduction To Lightroom Presets – What You Need To Know About It

It has been said that lightroom presets are invaluable tool in the editing toolbox of a photographer, however, if they are not used correctly, they can be a huge waste as well. For the remainder of this article, we will introduce to you the benefits that come from using lightroom presets, therefore, we suggest that you read on to know more about them.

One of the best things about using lightroom presets is that they help you speed up your workflow. Regardless of whether you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist, one thing is for sure, you know about the essence of workflow in photography, and also, in your life. Know that when you have a well-organized manner of editing photos, this will lead for you to save both money and time.

There are other benefits of using lightroom presets like ease of use. We can safely say that lightroom presets are easy to use for the very reason that once you have downloaded or saved them into your library, the only thing you have to do is to click them and apply into your photos. Since everything is already pre-defined, you need not have to adjust the contrast, dehaze, exposure, clarity, highlights, blacks, shadows, and blacks as well of your photo. The only thing that you must do here is to look for the right preset suitable for your photo.

Adding creativity to your photos is another good thing that comes from using them. In most cases, when we edit photos, there is a big opportunity for us to end up with similar feels and look because our perspective and inspiration frequently gets siloed. It is of utmost importance on our end to make sure that our photos have different inspirations, similar to when we read fashion magazines to check out latest trends, and at the same time, try different styles. Always remember that all of us have our own perspective with regards to viewing as well as editing photos. Know that by using different presets on your photos, you are both widening your perspective and adding creativity to them.

Other than the advantages we mentioned so far, there are still more that we want you to know of like how using lightroom presets enable you to save lots of time. For instance, you took one hundred photos with the same camera, on the same day. If you know the presets that work best with one of the one hundred photos that you have, mostly, you can just add the same preset to the remaining ninety-nine photos since the environment and settings are very similar across the photos. The only thing that you have to do is to drag the photos around and apply similar preset with just a few clicks.

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