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Many of the youth in today’s generation are suffering from mental disorder of various kinds. Not just the youths are susceptible to all of this mental and neurological conditions but also the people of different gender and ages. The possible cause of this condition may be triggered by the pressure in school, work, family, peers and other circumstances lead by the hectic life that has been followed. The mental condition may keep the sufferer from living the normal life he or she have and they may struggle because of this circumstance. If the person who suffers with the condition cannot deal with it the right way, then it may lead to them losing the sense of reality and getting burned out as well. In fact having mental condition could somehow kill the person slowly. It is crucial for the suffering people to feel that they are understood and that someone will be there to listen to them. Do not let the problems and circumstances of life consume us and keep us from doing what we love to do. If we allow ourselves to problematize all the concerns in life then we may develop as well the anxiety that will turn into a mental illness. Cases of attempt of ending their lives and or suicides is very common in the news and sadly they are coming from the people who suffered from the mental illness. It is so alarming and very saddening at the same time. We have to end this cycle because other sufferer may be also encouraged by what was being done by others to their lives. We need to look for ways to alleviate the sufferings of the people of this mental illness. We have to let the sufferers know that they are being cared for and love, and understood and let them take medical measures to treat and help themselves.

Fortunately enough there are breakthrough to the treatment for anxiety, depression and other neurological conditions. There are now ways in the form of therapies that were developed by the experts to treat and reset the brains of the sufferers. Treatments available for depression, OCD, chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety and other neurological or mental condition is through the application of the ketamine infusion therapy. It can work by blocking the pains away through an anesthetic medication. The animals, adults and kids can be treated by these drugs and it has been used for various medications for years now. It has been approved by many research its efficiency in treating mental conditions. And that is giving hope for those who suffered from the mental illness to renew their lives.

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