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Tips for Selecting the Best Brake Pads for Heavy Towing

Even though brake pads are among the most crucial component in high performance vehicles like heavy towers, not many drivers give them the respect they deserve. They do not know that perception could be very dangerous. A truck owner cannot simply throw an average set of store brake pads on your heavy towing vehicle and still expect the pads to withstand the performance. While on the road, the average auto parts shop pads can fail unexpectedly, costing you money, your vehicle or even worse. The world of heavy towing brake pads can be confusing because there is a lot to choose from with every option different from the other. There are numerous details that you should take into consideration when choosing the ideal brake pads for heavy towing.

Brake pad materials is one paramount factor that you should consider as you search for the perfect pads for your needs. The brake pads comprise of friction material which made to help you stop in time when you apply the brakes on your automobile. That said, the material used will not always be the same from one kind of pad to the other. There are the organic brake pads which are composed of organic fiber which is also non-asbestos. For the brake pads to be presumed as organic, their metallic content should not exceed 20 percent. Their benefit is they have a longer rotor span and are noiseless – however, they have a short lifespan and give less output under high-temperature functions like heavy towing.

The other option is the semi-metallic pads which work fairly well under high-temperature performance. With this type of pads, more temperature equals to better grip, a perfect pad for a heavy-duty application like towing which needed high performance. The last one is the ceramic pads made of ceramic fibers. The perfect material will depend on your use, if you need one for towing, then you should go for a material that will suit that kind of application. You ought to pick material equivalent to what the manufacturer has specified.

It is best that you stick with brake pad brands that have been proven and certified. It is elemental more so when shopping for pads for heavy towing or racing because failure by the brake pads can result in a calamity very fast. Top-quality pad brands will be a bit costly, but you will get optimal performance for your money.

In addition to that, check the pad temperature rating when buying brake pads. Choose an option that will perform at its best in the temperature reached for during operation. However, bear in mind that other components can affect the temperature rating of your pads like the type of tire used and brake cooling.

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